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Published on December 19th, 2012 | by James Kulas

Jane Jensen’s Moebius Shows First Signs of Life

Good news adventure fans! Having already dropped her name once today in my Cognition review, Jane Jensen is once again adventuring forth into the land of pointing and clicking with her newly christened start-up Pinkerton Road. There’s not much to go on, but it apparently ‘Moebius’ has something to do with secret pond ripples and a solemn man named Amble.

Moebius - Amble Dexter

First hinted at by Greek philosopher Parmenides, the Moebius Theory suggests that history has defined energy patterns that repeat themselves over and over — ‘ripples’ or ‘echoes’ that occur throughout history like ripples on a pond. This theory is top secret, unknown by the average person and rigorously kept off the web and out of mainstream universities. In the U.S., a covert group known as F.I.S.T. (Future Intelligence Service and Technology) is working with Moebius technology, overseen by billionaire Amble Dexter.

Moebius - Palace

Judging from the screenshots, it’ll be a familiar mix of Unity engine modelling and hand-painted backdrops with a “graphic novel look and feel”. I must say they’re looking rather lovely. Jensen’s Kickstarter page promises “10-20 hours of gameplay”, a “Casual Mode” with a simplified interface, and a “True Adventure” mode for those of us determined the demonstrate our puzzling prowess the old-fashioned way. And for those frontiersmen amongst you, immediate Linux support is also planned. I’m certainly intrigued by the promise of “classic Sierra-style puzzles”.

Moebius - Venice Bridge

We’ll keep you posted as new information becomes available.

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  1. Adam Lee says:

    Now those are some sexy looking backgrounds, Adventure games to me need something to draw you in and it’s something that the old school games did very well even with limited graphical interfaces – The Indiana Jones games, Full Throttle, The Dig all of these made you want to see the next scene. Hope the gameplay supports it!

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