Published on January 31st, 2013 | by James Kulas

Chivalry is Chivalrier

We’ve had a jolly good time dismembering esteemed colleagues and friends alike since Chivalry’s astonishingly successful release last October. Not to rest on their chainmail, Torn Banner Studios were quick to pledge further refinement to sate the swelling militia; and for free no less.

Today the product of their gruelling toil lands on Steam, and it’s perhaps more significant than anyone had imagined. From three new maps, to five new weapons and a welcome update to the (frankly pretty awful) server browser, almost every aspect has received a spit-shine the help would be proud of.

Being left-handed (kindly refrain from burning me until after the article) the absence of left-to-right swings baffled my poor brain, so I’m looking forward to pushing my southpaw advantage, particularly with the absolutely terrifying new flails. For those determined to restore their honour, there’s also ten new duelling arenas. I do hope there’ll be gauntlet slapping.

Chivalry Corpse

The key to Chivalry’s mechanics is simple – it always feels like my fault when bits of my anatomy go missing, continually pushing me to anticipate and improve. Mastering the plethora of death-dealing devices, each with its own unique reach and timing, ensures your next bloody good hiding is never far away.

Of all the changes though, I think my favourite will prove to be the bloody decals and corpse sliders, enabling the triumphant warrior to wade knee-deep in giblets and crimson victory. It’s pleasing to see an indie developer looking out for their community and providing value for money. So raise your tankards this day, to Torn Banner Studios. Huzzah!

For the scholars among you, here’s the full list of changes via the official forums.

13 New Maps
- Citadel
- Frigid
- Argon’s Wall
- And 10 new duel arenas
5 New Weapons
- Sling
- Quarterstaff
- Polehammer
- Flail
- Heavy Flail
2 New Game Modes
- Duel Mode (For intense 1v1 Action)
- Capture the Flag
Alternate Swings
- Can now do left to right swings!
Improved Server Browser
Blood Decals now paint to the ground when you hit an enemy
Can now adjust how long Corpses stay on the battlefield
Much Stronger Hack and Cheat Protection
Music Jukebox in options menu for listening to full Chivalry soundtrack ingame
Greatly Improved Spectator mode
Balance adjustments
Bug fixes
General Polish

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  1. Adam Lee says:

    You’re a southpaw?

    I don’t think I can respect you anymore – However, Chivalry is a great game and I’m disappointed I’ve not had much time to get stuck into the carnage, This looks like a good reason to get wading in properly!

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