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Published on January 28th, 2013 | by Adam Lee

What’s a Drizzit? Neverwinter Beta Weekends Confirmed

Welcome, I am Dungeon Master, your guide to the realm of Dungeons & Dragons! Either that, or I’m desperately clutching at 80s cartoon straws in the hope that someone out there will remember it, and preferably comment so I don’t feel quite so old. Anyway after you’ve snorted derisively at my childhood, hopefully you’ll return to find out a bit more about the forthcoming D&D MMO from Cryptic Studios – Neverwinter.

Set in the most popular D&D world, that of the ‘Forgotten Realms’ and the continent of Faerún. Home of approximately a billionty books, the most popular being Mr R.A. Salvatore’s works, also known for his work on Kingdoms of Amalur. However, things haven’t been going well in Neverwinter since our last visit. The once magnificent city has been devastated by a nasty case of “Spellplague” (that’ll teach you smarmy magic  users) and as such is now home to all kinds of loot-bearing skeletons, wights, goblins, and other assorted nasties.


So far it’s looking to be standard MMO fare, but with the limited information available and the absence of hands on time, it’s impossible to comment on exactly how unique it’ll feel. We do know it’ll use a modified version of the pen and paper ruleset, allowing some interesting quirks like the accumulation of “Action Points” used to unleash poweful “Dailies”. Cryptic (City of Heroes/Villains, Champions Online) intend to ensure the story is an intrinsic part of the game, rather than forgettable background noise. We also know it’ll be free to play, so you can expect microtransactions and a multitude of enchanted hats.

Twenty sided dice and novelty facial hair will lay dormant, patiently awaiting their master’s return, during the beta weekends of February 8-10, March 8-10 and March 22-24 (thanks Kotaku!). To have a chance all you’ll need to do is sign up on the official page – or if you fancy splashing out on a game no one has seen, you can guarantee yourself an entry with a founders pack, the most expensive of which lets you play as a Dark Elf on a Giant Armoured Spider mount. Be warned though, it’ll set you back $200, which is quite frankly ludicrously expensive. Yes, I’m bitter. I want a Spider Mount, his name would be BooBoo and I’d love him forever.

Due for an “early 2013″ release, we’ll bring you more details as we get them. Until then appease your urges to dress up in chain mail or wave your wizard staff in people’s faces with the following trailer.

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  1. James Kulas says:

    For what it’s worth I used to enjoy that cartoon, although I’ve never played a pen and paper game in my life.

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