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Published on February 18th, 2013 | by Ross Kulas

Yarr! Anodyne Pirates Itself

In the ongoing battle between old and new, the new has signed up another two recruits. Sean Hogan and Jonathan Kittaka – authors of the atmospheric Zelda-mup Anodyne – have gone all Radiohead and offered up their hard work for any price at all, including nothing. Visitors to The Pirate Bay were greeted by a remarkably honest proposition from the duo:

Hi, we’re Jon Kittaka and Sean Hogan.


We’d like to make a living by making games that will give people memorable experiences, but we know not everyone can afford them. So that’s why you can download a torrent of our game, Anodyne, and if you’d like and are able, also purchase the game!


We’re also on Greenlight, trying to get onto steam. So please consider giving us your vote!


-Sean and Jon

So far Anodyne looks to be a solid action-adventure with a beautifully creepy soundtrack. And while not overly challenging, wandering through its vast world soaking in ambience and lore is an experience everyone should try, especially considering the new price. Parodies of the genre provide some entertaining high points, and add a great juxtaposition to the otherwise sinister tone. If you’re still on the fence, here’s a teaser:

In a climate of DRM and online-only activation, it’s pleasant reminder that file sharing┬ánetworks can be used for good; giving newcomers not just an affordable distribution network, but an amount of publicity far beyond their marketing budget of zero.

Head over to their website for a link to the torrent (as well as a magnet link for anyone living in a country suppressed by the minds of foolish old men).

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