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Published on March 19th, 2013 | by Adam Lee

Creation & Beyond: The Neverwinter Experience

Perfect World’s action MMO Neverwinter is rolling through its beta weekends at an alarming rate, with two just passed and a third fast approaching.

Cap’n Funsponge and myself got some time to play around with a ‘Trickster Rogue’ and ‘Devoted Cleric’, and while initially uninspired we have to admit the game does begin to grow on you. Combat’s fun and frantic, and while the graphics are nothing to write home about, the gameplay kept us entertained. If you’d like to witness our exploits first hand, we’ve recorded them all for your viewing pleasure:

We also tested our mettle against the first proper dungeon, The Cloak Tower:

Perfect World have been kind enough to involve us in their Beta #3 preview event tonight, and the opportunity to clash swords with the developers in PvP. If you have a particular dev you’d like us to gun for, then post your bounties in the comments or via twitter @funspongenet, and we’ll see what we can do. We’ll have a full preview for you shortly after the beta phase concludes, next week.

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