Published on June 8th, 2013 | by Adam Lee

Confessions of a Scallywag – Thief 4

It’s that time again folks, the trade-show hype machines are spinning up in pursuit of pre-orders, and much like a train wreck we can’t help but watch. First up, Eidos-Montreal let us into a few secrets about that shifty Garrett fellow, after almost ten years in IP purgatory. It seems – and I know this will shock you – he really likes stealing stuff.

While normally this would be fairly uneventful news, the inclusion of a shiny cinematic video makes it worth a quick peek. Disappointingly there’s no in-game footage, but it does help convey the dark feel Eidos are aiming for, while providing an opportunity to admire a man dressed head-to-toe in leather without fear of a scandal.

Curiously Eidos have dropped series stalwart and all-round growly man Stephen Russell, stating he wasn’t really up to the motion capture process. As such Romano Ozari will be taking the reigns as the new voice of Garrett. I’ll probably be burned alive for this, but I think his voice fits pretty well and will help differentiate the reboot from rose-tinted memories of Thief’s past.

If you can’t get along with that, there’s always the stupendously gorgeous bow which actually exists. In real life.

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