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Seen My Massive Chalice?

Before we begin, I must congratulate you on braving my provocative title. Hopefully I won’t disappoint you by explaining that my use of “Massive Chalice” is not a euphemism (at least today) but is instead the latest Double Fine Kickstarter to utterly destroy its target, amassing $1.2 million of its $750k target with a few hours to spare.

If like me you’re finding your cash reserves dwindling under a ceaseless torrent of awesome Kickstarters, you’ll want more than innuendo to convince you to hand over yet more cash. So allow me to explain the reasons why you should embrace my Massive Chalice with both hands.

Firstly, the more support we throw at new IP the higher the likelihood of us getting original ideas instead of yearly reiterations of the same old dross. Save us from Call of Championship FIFA 2056 by pledging now!

Massive Chalice Ancestral Strike

Each swing fueled by the death of many, many parents before him

There are a few ways I could use Brad Muir, Massive Chalice’s project lead, as a positive. I could mention he’s the creator of Iron Brigade or that he was one of the designers on Brutal Legend, or hell, even that he was a programmer on the legendary Psychonauts. However all of these are secondary to one, much more important thing. His smile. Possibly the widest smile to ever grace a human face, have you seen the video? Taking that smile away from this man is a crime up there with torturing kittens. How could you? You monster!

Massive Chalice is to be a tactical turn-based strategy affair, a genre close to my blackened heart and one which allows me to flex my cerebral muscles to dominate all that dare challenge me. Dissenters have made slanderous comments that I’m only good at turn-based strategy games because of my crippling inability to multitask, but I choose to ignore those naysayers and divert your accusing eyes elsewhere.

Taking inspiration from Final Fantasy Tactics, X-Com and Fire Emblem, all three certified classics of the turn-based genre offering depth, customisation and buckets of replayability. If they manage to capture even half of their majesty, it’ll be awesome.

The twist is your heroes will grow old and die as time passes, only for their children to pick up where they left off — proud of their noble heritage, and adorned with heirlooms plucked from Dad’s still warm fingers. The deaths of your favourite heroes will be a lot more meaningful when they leave behind a legacy, adding buffs and benefits on top of the misty-eyed memories their names evoke. This should also reduce the urge to reload a save as soon as anyone bites it, particularly as their brutal decapitation provides said offspring with the means to forge their own legends. I do however admit to having a smidge of concern with taking inspiration from the great houses of Game of Thrones, but to be safe I’ll make sure my brothers and sisters don’t have blonde hair.

Massive Chalice Caves

Explore knowing that if you die, Lil Jimmy will pick up your sword and carry on your legacy

Double Fine are incorporating roguelike elements like randomised and modular environments to keep things from getting predictable. Each game will play differently, but the experience you take from mastering your play style becomes even more valuable as you never know what the world will throw at you.

Massive Chalice has barely started development — wait! Stop! This is a good thing, honest! Rather than having a scope that includes the world but costs three times their funding to complete, they’ll be able to make sure key components won’t be jettisoned as they run out of pennies. So while we’ll be waiting a bit longer to see what they come up with, we can trust that the game will not be leaking exciting features for every month that passes.

So there you have it, if you’re tempted check out the official Kickstarter page for more details, I’ve happily signed myself up, and hey, who needs to eat anyway?

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  1. James Kulas says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about handing over money before so many important decisions have been made. I view Kickstarters as funding a game that might be good, but I imagine most people probably have more demanding expectations. I fully expect Double Fine to deliver something interesting, but funding such a loose outline could definitely end badly.

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